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The Peoples of Utahed. Probably the first ificant meeting of two Canadians in what is now Utah took place on the banks of the Weber River, east of present Ogden, on May 23,

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A young man, fresh out of UC Berkeley with his Ph. He was Julian Steward, and he would later become a renowned anthropologist with the Smithsonian Institute and Columbia University. His pit stop in Utah during the Great Depression uncovered an unexpected wealth of Native American cultural artifacts.

He found some promising s of Native American occupation. Because he was concerned about heavy looting ww date in Tacoma was evident in the caves, he quickly began a thorough excavation.

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Steward meticulously catalogued the site and its artifacts, and the University of Utah received about moccasins and moccasin parts, other hide objects, bison bone, pottery, fiber, arrow shafts, points, and stone tools. We hired Nancy Odegaard, an internationally known conservator to help make sense of the moccasin collection and preserve them for future study. Promontory moccasin re-shaped and preserved by NHMU. Click on image to enlarge. The time period for the moccasins is ificant. Right around the year A. Many archaeologists believe that much of this change was due to climactic conditions, specifically drought.

One example: the collapse Gulfport MS north dating the Ancestral Puebloan people also known as Anasazi. Douglass and this coincides online free chat room Ocala FL the time that the Puebloan people abandon their cliff dwellings in the Four Corners Region.

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Without rain, crops cannot grow, and large, sedentary agricultural cultures would experience famine and drastic loss of life. Climate data suggest that the drought was even more severe in Nebraska, lasting upwards of 38 years, until Another example is the 20 years of drought in the Mississippi plains area that hit in the late s and the startling decline of Cahokia, the largest prehistoric site f dating Raleigh the eastern U.

One final fact about the milestone year A. His excavations from have yielded a ton of more artifacts and data about the people who lived there. He Trenton law dating someone 18 evidence of feasting, gaming, sophisticated hide tanning, and plenty of children.

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In short, these people were doing very well. about Dr. Excavation work with a view from Promontory Cave. Photo: Jack Ives. So, in the late s, just decades before the Fremont disappear, and amid a time Utah drought and crisis for agricultural peoples, the big-game hunting people who inhabited the Promontory caves in Utah dating thriving. There must have been a startling contrast in the quality of life between these two peoples who were undoubtedly in contact with each other. The Promontory moccasins are pivotal evidence for Ives and his colleagues.

Like Steward 80 years earlier, Ives believes that the unique style of moccasin comes Boston woman seeking a man massage a subarctic Canadian group of people romantic dates Norfolk VA known as Dene which describes the canadian they speak. The figure below shows the unique construction of three styles of moccasins found in Utah. Reproduced courtesy of the University of Utah Press.

The Promontory moccasins exhibit three other traits specific to the moccasins made by subarctic Canadian peoples: 1. The stitching was fine, with stitches per centimeter, while the stitching for Fremont and hock moccasins was coarse, with one stitch or less per centimeter, 2.

The promontory culture: subarctic canadian people living in utah caves

The hides used were fully and evenly tanned while other Great Basin moccasin hide was thick and not all of the hair was removed, and 3. There were porcupine quills and decorative quillwork on the moccasins, which is completely absent in other Great Basin moccasins.

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The moccasin on the left is from Promontory Cave and exhibits the construction pattern, fine stitch work, expertly tanned leather, and decorative quillwork that are unique to the Promontory moccasins and different than others in the Great Basin region. On the right is a pair of replica moccasins complete with missing upper portions based closely on the original de. A moccasin similar to the Promontory ones was found in the Yukon ice patches in Canada, and dates to years earlier, and a very similar one was found in a cave in Colorado from roughly the same time period.

Cute date ideas in Glendale AZ evidence, together with the fact that Dene peoples in the 18th and 19th centuries continued to wear similar moccasins, points to the Promontory peoples as coming from subarctic Canada.

The peoples of utah, the oft-crossed border: canadians in utah

Why so much reliance on moccasins for evidence? One way to trace the connectedness of Native American cultures is through the languages free biker dating Fredericksburg VA speak. Linguists have created detailed language family trees throughout the Americas, and some surprises have emerged. The Navajo and the Apache, both found in the Southwest, speak a language closely related to their far northern linguistic cousins of the Pacific NW from northern California to Alaska and the interior of Alaska and Canada.

According to the linguistic theory of how Native Americans are related, some of the Dene peoples must have migrated southward and eventually become the Navajo and Apache peoples.

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There is much discussion about what path and what time period this migration may have taken. Ives believes that the people who wore the Promontory moccasins were some of these exact travelers. Starlight visited the Promontory Point site with Jack Ives in Photo: Gabriel Yanicki. But this very well could be a snapshot of a culture in transition, meeting and bartering online dating Huntington reviews southern, Numic-speaking peoples and incorporating aspects of what they encountered.

These Utah Lake sites date to a generation or two later than the Free online chat with High Point girls caves, and it might be evidence of the Promontory culture moving southward. As NHMU continues to receive the artifacts uncovered by Ives and Janetski, we will be able to study and share with the public an extraordinary look at the Promontory phase.

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NHMU and Dr. Ives would like to thank George and Kumeroa Chournos for their support and hard work in making the Promontory caves available for archaeological research. Seager, M. Cane and Are you and Miami Florida FL dating. Froese, J. Janetski, F.

Brock, and C. Our mission is to illuminate the natural world and the place of humans within it. In addition to housing outstanding exhibits for the public, NHMU is a research museum. Learn more. Blog Author:.

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Michael Mozdy.