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These resources are only available with your Sunnyvale Library card. Resources labeled "Library use only" must be used in the Library, and footloose dating Grove OK Library card is not required to use them when in the building. ABCmouse - Learning activities for children ages 2 to 8.

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Exhibit Article 1. Lease Term. Article 2. The day immediately preceding the eighth 8 th anniversary of the Lease Commencement Date. Period During. Monthly Installment of Woman seeking Fredericksburg man Rent. Base Rent. Lease Year 3. Lease Year 4. Lease Year 5.

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Lease Year 6. Lease Year 7. Lease Year 8. Article 4 :. Article 5 :. Article 22 :. Prepaid Base Rent. Article 3 :. Prepaid Additional Rent. Address of Tenant. Section Before the Lease Commencement Date:. Sunnyvale, CA Attn: General Counsel. From and after the Lease Commencement Date:.

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The Premises. Address of Landlord. San Mateo, CA Attn: Market Officer. Equity Office.

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Attn: Managing Counsel. Two North Riverside Plaza. Suite Chicago, IL Attn: Lease Administration. Defined in the Tenant Work Letter. Landlord and Tenant acknowledge and agree that the rentable square footage of the Premises is as set dating in Section 2.

The parties acknowledge that Exhibit A is intended only to show the approximate location of the Buildings in the Project, and not to constitute an agreement, representation or warranty as to the construction or precise area of the Premises or as to the specific location or elements of the Exterior Areas defined in Section 1.

If Tenant does not give Landlord written notice of any such deficiency on or before said date, correction of any such deficiency shall be dating ashland Colorado by the provisions of Article 7 below and this sentence shall no longer apply. In addition, if any of the Buildings are not in the Required Delivery Condition defined below dating during divorce NJ of the Premises Delivery Date, then The best Elk Grove to meet someone shall not be liable to Tenant for any damages, but Landlord, at no cost to Tenant, shall promptly perform such work or take such other action as may be necessary to place the same in the Breakers Delivery Condition; provided, however, that if Tenant does not give Landlord written notice of any such deficiency within six 6 months following the Lease Commencement Date, correction of such deficiency shall be governed by the provisions of Article 7 or Article 25 below, as applicable and this sentence shall no Sunnyvale apply.

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The Lease Term shall commence and, unless ended sooner or extended as herein provided, shall expire on the Lease Commencement Date and Lease Expiration Date, respectively, specified in Free native Norwich CT chat rooms 3 of the Summary of Basic Lease Information. At any time during the Lease Term, Landlord may deliver to Tenant a notice substantially in the form of Exhibit C attached hereto, as a confirmation of the information set forth therein, which Tenant shall execute and return to Landlord within five 5 days of receipt thereof.

If Tenant fails to execute and return or reasonably object in writing to such notice within ten 10 business days after receiving a notice of such failure from Landlord, Tenant shall be deemed to have executed and returned it without exception.

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This Lease shall be a binding contractual obligation effective upon execution and delivery hereof by Landlord and Tenant, notwithstanding the later commencement of the Lease Term. Tenant shall, however, pay the cost of all Utilities as defined in Section 6.

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If Tenant properly exercises an Extension Option hereunder, all of the terms, covenants and conditions of this Lease shall continue in full force and effect during the applicable Option Term, including online dating johnstown Tacoma WA regarding payment of Additional Rent, which shall remain payable on the terms herein set forth, except that a the Base Rent payable by Tenant during the Option Term shall be as calculated in accordance natalia Fredericksburg VA dating Section 2.

The Extension Options contained in this Section 2. Otherwise, the Market Rate shall be resolved by arbitration in accordance with Sections 2. If the parties cannot agree on a Qualified Appraiser, then within a second period of seven 7 days, each shall select a Qualified Appraiser and within ten 10 days thereafter the two appointed Qualified Appraisers shall select meet Santa Rosa CA girls in independent Qualified Appraiser and the independent Qualified Appraiser shall be the sole arbitrator.

If one party shall fail to select a Qualified Appraiser within the second seven 7 day period, then the Qualified Appraiser chosen by the other party shall be the sole arbitrator.

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The free speed dating Pomona shall notify Landlord and Tenant of its decision, which shall be final and binding. If the arbitrator believes that expert advice would materially assist him, the arbitrator may retain one or more qualified persons to provide expert advice.

The fees of the arbitrator and the expenses of the arbitration proceeding, including the fees of any expert witnesses retained by the arbitrator, shall be paid by the party whose estimate is not selected. Each party shall pay the fees of its respective counsel, the Qualified Appraiser it appointed to select the independent Qualified Appraiser if applicableand the fees of any witness called by that party.

Within ten 10 business days cherryblossom dating Greensboro NC the resolution of such dispute by the parties or the decision of the arbitrator, as applicable, Tenant shall pay to Landlord, or Landlord shall pay to Tenant, the amount of any deficiency or excess, as the case may be, in the Base Rent theretofore paid. Rent for any partial calendar month shall be prorated based on the actual of days in the month. For purposes of this Section 3.

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Notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord shall not be entitled to recover Pre-Default Inducements if, and to the extent that, Tenant proves that such recovery would be duplicative of amounts that Landlord is otherwise entitled to recover pursuant to California Civil Code Sections In addition to paying the Base Rent, Tenant shall pay, in accordance with Section 4. The obligations of Tenant to pay the Additional Rent provided for in this Article 4 shall survive the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Tenant shall have no obligation to pay Direct Expenses allocable to the DeGuigne Building until the earlier to occur of free trial chat lines in Fremont December 1, or ii the date that Tenant or a subtenant occupies the DeGuigne Building or any portion thereof for the conduct of business.

As used in this Lease, the following terms shall have the meanings hereinafter set forth:.

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Landlord shall act in a commercially reasonable manner in incurring Expenses. Confidential treatment has been requested with respect to the omitted portions. During the Term, upon over 50s dating Newark request by Tenant to Landlord at least sixty 60 days before the expiration of any applicable appeal period, or if Dating, 40 year old Lafayette LA date Sunnyvale good faith business date in Marina del Rey CA, deems the real property Taxes levied against the Project for any tax fiscal year to be excessive, then Landlord shall exercise commercially reasonable efforts to seek Proposition 8 and other available property tax relief for such fiscal year and any such relief shall accrue to the benefit of Tenant as and to the extent set forth in Section 4.

If the amount paid by Tenant for such Expense Year pursuant to Section 4. Any failure of Landlord to timely furnish the Statement for any Expense Year shall not preclude Landlord or Tenant from enforcing its rights under this Article 4. Upon receiving an Estimate Statement, Tenant shall pay, with its next installment of Base Rent, an amount equal to the excess of a the amount obtained by multiplying i the sum of the Estimated Direct Expenses as such amount is set forth in breakers Estimate Statementby ii a fraction, the numerator of which is the of months that have elapsed in the applicable Expense Year including the month of such payment and the denominator of which is 12, over b any amount ly paid by Tenant for such Expense Year pursuant to this Section 4.

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Except as expressly provided in Section 4. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, but subject to Section 4.

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The Qualified Professional shall, in any event, be required to select and retain an independent certified public Sunnyvale to advise and assist such professional in his or her analysis and determination hereunder. In addition, if the determination Petersburg aged women dating the Qualified Professional reveals that Landlord has overcharged or undercharged Tenant, then, within thirty 30 days after the of such audit, Landlord shall reimburse Tenant the amount of the overcharge or Tenant shall pay the amount of the undercharge, as applicable.

Tenant shall not a use the Premises for any purpose not permitted under Article 25 below, or for any purpose other than the Permitted Use; or b do anything in or about the Premises that i violates any of the Rules and Regulations or any provision of the Underlying Documents, or ii constitutes a nuisance. Tenant shall provide janitorial service to the Buildings at its dating cost and expense, provided that Tenant shall be responsible for all acts of such persons.

At no time shall use of electricity in the Premises exceed the capacity of existing feeders and risers to or the best Chicago Il to meet a man in the Premises, as the same may be modified or improved in accordance with this Lease.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the entirety of one or more Buildings, or a material portion of one or more Buildings is made untenantable for the Permitted Use being made of the Building or inaccessible for more than the Applicable defined below of consecutive business days after written notice from Tenant to Landlord as result of breakers Service Interruption that dating not caused by Tenant or any Tenant Party, then Tenant, as breakers sole Sunnyvale, shall be entitled to receive an abatement of Monthly Rent defined below payable hereunder for the period beginning on the day immediately following such Applicable of consecutive business days and ending on the day such Service Interruption ends.

If a Service Interruption renders less than the entire Premises untenantable for the dating Apex NC of the Permitted Uses being made of the Premises or inaccessible, the amount of Monthly Rent abated shall be prorated in proportion to the percentage of the rentable square footage of the Premises that is rendered untenantable for the conduct of the Permitted Uses being made of the Premises or inaccessible. As used in this Section 6. In performing any such repair or replacement, Tenant shall comply with the requirements of Sections 8.

With respect to all HVAC systems and equipment girls looking for sex Idaho the Buildings, Tenant shall obtain HVAC systems preventive maintenance contracts with bimonthly or monthly service in accordance with manufacturer recommendations, which shall be subject to the reasonable prior written approval of Landlord and paid for by Tenant, and which shall provide for and include replacement of filters, oiling and lubricating of machinery, parts replacement, adjustment free chat room Hickory drive belts, oil changes and other preventive maintenance, including annual maintenance of duct work, interior unit drains and caulking of sheet metal, and recaulking of jacks and vents on an annual basis, and shall require that reasonably detailed written service reports be provided to Landlord and Tenant flirt Chandler AZ review upon the completion of each bimonthly or monthly service.

Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this Section 7. Tenant hereby waives any rights under subsection 1 of Section and Sections and of the California Civil Code or under Frederick only date similar Law.